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Understanding the Palm Chakra and a Palm Chakra Meditation

People most commonly talk about the seven chakras, but did you know there are actually over a hundred of them in and around the body?

While the seven main chakras are important, today let’s look at the palm chakra. In this blog post, I will explain what the palm chakra is, how wrist grids (what I call a stack of crystal bracelets) and meditation can help you hone into your palm chakra, and there’s even a guided meditation to do at home.

And if you’re looking for a general intro to chakras before diving in, check out my previous blog post here to get you started!

What is a Palm Chakra?

The palm chakra is the energy center located in the palms of your hands. After our natural eyes, the palm chakra is how we perceive our environment the most. You’ll notice that when you’re in a room and someone shuts off the lights, the first thing you do is put your hands up to see and guide you. The receptive nature of the palm chakra is what allows you to start feeling your way through the room.

If you trace it up, the energy that comes through your palms and up your arms hits your heart. This flow of energy from your palm chakra to your heart chakra - which is your right to embrace in the world, is SO important.

Being able to opt into whether you are receiving energy by opening your palm chakra and closing your palm chakra is major in protecting the flow of energy to your heart throughout the day! Anyone ever been called sensitive?

Why Palms Up and Open for Meditation?

Since opening and closing your palms holds so much power, you’ve probably noticed that you’re often asked to put your palms up while meditating.

Putting your palms up shows that you are in a vulnerable position and open to receiving.

Conversely, when you want to protect yourself you ball your fists, or cross your arms, to protect your palms. That is you intuitively and instinctively, controlling how much you receive through our palm chakra.

Times like meditation, or hanging out with people you love, are good times to disarm and open the palm chakra to allow the free flow of energy to your heart chakra.

Using Wrist Grids to Support Your Energy

One of my favorite ways to support the palm chakra throughout the day is using what I call Wrist Grids. By using purposefully chosen crystals, placed in an intentional order, you will be able to protect your heart chakra and set your intentions for the day.

Wrist grids are an intentional way to use the energy and support of crystals around your wrists to influence the flow of energy from your palms to your heart. When you wear a wrist grid, you’ll notice how much more in control and safe you feel in your body - people really do feel it!

Just like crystal gridding is the practice of taking certain crystals and laying them in a particular formation to petition for a certain intention. Wrist grids are when I choose certain crystal bracelets because of the support they offer, and I lay them out (right wrist/left wrist/closer to palm/closer to heart) in a way that influences my day.

If you’re interested in getting a personalized wrist grid, visit me here. Tell me your intention, and I will intuitively select a stack of crystal bracelets that make up your wrist grid. I will also provide a mini reading that will explain why you got those bracelets and how they will help you during the day.

How Wrist Grids Help You Connect with Your Chakras

Both meditation and wrist grids are amazing tools to nurture your palm chakra. For those looking for more information and how to combine these practices, I have a guided meditation focusing on the palm chakra for you to do at home!

This palm chakra meditation is best for:

  • Regular maintenance.

  • Before you go out into the world.

  • Before interacting and socializing with others.

  • Before doing any healing work with your hands.

Just like brushing your teeth so that your breath is fresh, close your palm chakras so that your energy is protected!

Meditating to Protect

With the palm chakra being one of the most important because you are ALWAYS perceiving, this meditation will help protect you before you go out.

Remember it for those mornings when you wake up, and everybody is getting on your nerves. You’re probably having energy hit you at a heavier flow, so just remember to close your palm chakras, protect your energy and carry on with your day!

You Have All the Control

Now that you have this knowledge about the palm chakras and their power for perceiving, you can start to be more intentional with the way you use them. Control the way your energy flows and nurture your palm chakras with wrist grids, meditation and intention throughout your day.

And don’t forget to close your palms when it becomes too much, and open them when you’re ready to receive—you have the power to connect with your Chakras and protect your energy. You’re an Oracle and you’re ready to walk in that gift!

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