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If You're Feeling Triggered...

If you are interacting with someone who is triggering you, and they have not done one of the following:

✔Been a visitor in your home that left you feeling energized and enriched

✔Offered to be a person you can rely on if you need a bill paid for you, and demonstrated that reliability

✔Given you more than one quality orgasm not tied to toxicity

✔Truly impressed you with a documented accomplishment tied to consistency of character

Then listen to what they have to say and:

✔Take a breath and give thanks for your breath

✔Take a drink of water and give thanks that you are 70% a substance that conducts electricity

✔Look for the lesson/expansion that your soul came for

✔Grab a piece of black tourmaline and then...



IDGAF who they are.

Absolutely everything you feel is a privilege to the billions of souls that never get a human experience. 🙏🏾🖤

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