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An Introduction to Chakras

You’ve probably heard about Chakras, but did you know what they even are? Until I realized they were affecting every piece of my life, I didn’t either. Chakra is the Sanskrit word for “wheel” and like a wheel, they represent the flow of life force energy. This energy is meant to help you through life. Each chakra represents a type of energy, and all Chakras in our body flow from one to the next. So if one is imbalanced, blocked or sluggish, they all will be. When you notice that sometimes you’re not progressing as you would like in your life - this may be due to a blockage in the Chakra representing that type of energy.

In this blog post, I’ll cover the seven main Chakras, why Chakras are important, what happens when your Chakras are blocked, and how to get started with healing. Knowing the foundations of Chakras will allow you to get on with creating the life you want!

Why Getting to Know Your Chakras Is Important

Blockages in your Chakras will often make you feel stuck in life. Almost all chakra wounds are caused by disappointment. These Chakra wounds may present themselves in all sorts of unexpected ways, such as being unable to have a specific conversation with someone or really wanting to move on an idea but just feeling stuck on how to move forward.

Understanding your Chakras will allow you to identify these wounds and learn how to heal them. From here, you’ll be able to move forward in the area of your life that you’ve been struggling.

As the energy centers of your body, Chakras represent your rights to different types of personal power as you move through the world - the power provided by your Chakras are your birthright, and it’s time to reclaim that!

The 7 Main Chakras

Let’s start by introducing the 7 main Chakras:

  • Root: Our Root Chakra is at the bottom of our spine. It represents our foundation of safety, security and our right (and the right for the things we want to manifest) to be in the world.

  • Sacral: Our Sacral Chakra is right above our reproductive organs and behind our belly button. It represents our right to desire. It’s our right to unapologetically want what we want.

  • Solar Plexus: Our Solar Plexus Chakra is in the middle of our belly. It represents our right to create and show up in the world boldly with what we create.

  • Heart: Our Heart Chakra is in the middle of our chest. It represents our right to embrace and allow ourselves to open up fully to embracing the things in our life.

  • Throat: Our Throat Chakra is in the middle of our throat. It represents our right to know and speak our authentic truth.

  • Third Eye: Our Third Eye Chakra is in the middle of our forehead. It represents the right to see, be inspired by and connect to our intuition.

  • Crown: Our Crown Chakra is usually depicted as a lotus, and floats above our head. It represents our right to be connected to our Source.

All Chakras will show up in physical and emotional ways and have their own characteristics.

What Happens When Your Chakras are Blocked?

Chakras become blocked due to something that you experienced in your life. Maybe your parents told you to be quiet a lot as a child, and you felt disappointed that your voice wasn’t being heard. The energy in your body holds onto these experiences!

When they shushed you, it was disappointing, and your throat Chakra was wounded. This follows you for the rest of your life, and you feel a blockage to expressing yourself properly when you are excited. Or, during those times of excitement, your throat Chakra clamps down (can legit feel like a lump in your throat), and you have no idea why.

Here are some common symptoms of blocked or imbalanced chakras:

  • Root: insecurity, tough relationship with money/receiving, restlessness, being easy to anger, and lethargy.

  • Sacral: uncertainty, coping is hard, detached, withdrawn, timid, depression, and a low libido, issues embracing your sexuality.

  • Solar Plexus: confusion, second guessing yourself, creative blocks, procrastination, the mindset that it doesn't matter, why me?, and depression.

  • Heart: a lack of boundaries, not being able to embrace or embody your authentic needs, loneliness, lack of trust, feeling unwanted/unloved, poor self care, and being fearful and anti-social.

  • Throat: insecurity, a loss for words, letting other people speak for you, telling white lies, avoiding conflict, dissociation, poor listening, easily influenced or swayed.

  • Third Eye & Crown: lack of purpose, lack of concentration, fear of unknown, unable to self reflect, feeling disconnected from Source, detached from people, fuzzy thoughts, and not trusting of self or decisions.

Start Your Healing with Awareness & Affirmations

When the chakra is injured, the first step to the way forward is to witness the wound. Start by thinking about what trips you up. When you want something and get an idea, where do you get stuck in bringing that idea into your physical reality?

Once you have it, try to connect what’s blocking you to the fitting Chakra. Finding out what trips you up will help you understand why you can’t get from A to B, or chakra to chakra, on what you want in life.

There are lots of ways to help heal, nourish, and ground our chakras—from scents to sounds to crystals and exercise—but for now, let’s focus on affirmations that can help witness your Chakra wounds.

Every affirmation starts with, "I never should have had to question my right to..."

  • Root Chakra: “ in this world.”

  • Sacral Chakra: “...desire the things I desire.”

  • Solar Plexus Chakra: “...create the things that I want to create.”

  • Heart Chakra: “...embrace the things that I want to embrace.”

  • Throat Chakra: “...speak my authentic truth.”

  • Third Eye Chakra: “ my intuition.”

  • Crown Chakra: “ innate and unbreakable connection with my Source.”

Say these affirmations aloud to yourself, or you can have a trusted friend witness your wound by saying the affirmation to you.

A Common Misconception About Chakras

One of the most common misconceptions - even to those who know a little bit about Chakras, is believing that they’re separate.

It’s more like pouring water. You pour water into one cup, and the cup tips and pours into the other cup. It’s a cyclical flow of energy.

This is the cycle that we go through, from inspiration to manifestation. Inspiration being your crown Chakra, “Ah, I had an idea.” Manifestation being your root Chakra, “I’m able to take that idea and bring it into my physical reality.”

From inspiration to manifestation, the energy must flow freely from your crown Chakra to your root Chakra. If you do not have all of the Chakras open, you’re going to get stuck somewhere.

If you’re interested in learning more, my Chakra Foundations Course will help you to identify whether your Chakra energy is underactive, overactive or balanced—and move forward with healing the Chakra in a fun, informative and interactive way.

Your Chakra Birthright

The power held in your Chakras are your birthright and deserve to be nurtured every day. Awareness is key: every Chakra is associated with recognizable symptoms when they are unbalanced. Learning to be aware of blockages and then to witness your wounds can help you move past whatever difficulties are preventing you from manifesting what you desire most.

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