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I'm Crystal...

I'm a recovering type A, overscheduled Change Management consultant who picked up a crystal on the road to "finding Crystal" and am now a full blown stone keeping, energy wielding goddess and Oracle that used to drink Starbucks everyday before it was an existential question.


Turns out my life long diagnosis of Dissociative Identity Disorder was actually my gift as a channel showing up, and my obsession with effectively managing CHANGE was actually an innate understanding of energy alchemy.


I teach type A intuitives the basics of energetics, crystals and woo stuff like that so they can take the “am I doing it right” out of following their own “oracle-ness,” get unstuck and change their lives.


You know (you’ve always known) that there’s more to you, and life, than just “being spiritual”. I’m an Oracle to Oracles (yeah that’s you!), and you were drawn to me because you are ready to unlock your own gifts.


I believe in trying new things. I believe in the power of platonic cuddles, really good sex, daily indulgences and connecting with crystals. I believe in magic and in doing small things daily that shift your energy and mindset.


And I believe in effectively managing change.


It’s time for you to own the hell out of yourself, start consistently finding miracles in everyday interactions and step into being the Oracle that you’ve always been!



I'd love to serve you!

Crystal the Oracle
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