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Three essential tools to change

In my work as a corporate change manager, there are three documents that are paramount to the successful implementation and adoption of an identified change.

1.) Stakeholder analysis

Who is affected by the change and how will they have to shift?

2.) Gap analysis

Where am I currently, what is the change and what are the incremental steps that I need to take to bridge the gap?

3.) Communication plan

Who do I need to discuss this change with, and what do they need to hear/learn to be prepared to adopt the change?

I'm finding that these are the SAME steps individuals need to change.

You are tired, and lonely, from "cutting everyone off" as you move forward.

You feel like you're being pulled in a million different directions, and you crave some stability, and just a little bit of security.

And you know you are worthy of love, but you understand how hard it can be to love someone who keeps CHANGING.

Maybe you've lived (and lost) through someone's resistance to change in your life before...

All you want is for it to feel like somebody gets it.

For you to be able to be weak just a little bit...

And to know that if you don't do everything perfectly everything won't fall apart.

That you can change, and try things, and not quite know where you'll end up, and have your people stick it out with you.

I hear you. I don't have all the answers but I can at least teach you the tools.

And we can all grab a crystal to help us along.

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