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Gap Analysis

When it's time to change, most folks enthusiastically lay out a Gap Analysis.

Or they get stuck and they reach out to a coach and get help to make that plan. That's what 99% of coaches are around to do. Help folks make a plan/lay out a path forward. Great.

And folks feel really energized and accomplished at first because, well, they have a plan. They know the steps they want to take to move forward.

And then LIFE hits.

And PEOPLE are a factor.

And STUCK becomes reality.

And then SHAME creeps in because wtf I have a plan, whyyyyyy am I not moving forward???

Or something happens *cough cough pun intended* and the plan has to CHANGE.

And we feel victimized by our realities and by our own percieved slothfulness and chastise ourselves and wonder why we keep staying the same.

Because plan or no plan, SAME=SAFETY in your body AND the bodies of the people around you.

And plan or no plan the energy, that intends to keep you safe at any cost, is POWERFUL and all around you.

And you can't/won't move forward without tending to/alchemizing the energy/resistance to change that is there to keep you safe.

We've all been given an opportunity to slow down and deal with our resistance.

Global urgency has made it really clear who our true stakeholders are.

There's never been a better time to learn to embrace change.

💛🙏🏾 You got this. Watch my last live and damn if the universe won't force you if you don't move willingly. We hear you.

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