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Joy Oil

Joy Oil

  • Intention: The potion for embracing and inviting joy in your life. Ushers in celebration, play and inner child healing.
  • Key spots on the body to anoint: the up the arms towards the heart. The glutes and hamstrings. Tops of the feet.
  • Say, "I am safe to welcome in joy, laughter, happiness, delight, celebration and abundance. My joy is full and lasting. And I give thanks as I recognize and receive more and more joy each day."
  • Potions are made to order with intuitively selected curio, crystals and essential/fragrance oil in a New Moon blessed blend of sunflower and grapeseed oils. 2oz
    Vetiver, Cotton candy, Melissa, Lemon balm,  Pink pearly ribbon, Clear quartz, Amethyst
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