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Healed Oil

Healed Oil

  • Intention: Reversal of illness and dis-ease. Physical, Mental and Emotional healing.
  • Key spots on the body to anoint: Anoint the area to be healed. Not for open wounds or ingestion. External and energetic use only.
  • Say, "This far and no more. From this moment every cell in my body, and all the energy that flows through and around me, is reversing away from dis-ease and pointed toward the highest good and most complete thriving possible in this human form."
  • "Potions are made to order with intuitively selected curio, crystals and essential/fragrance oil in a New Moon blessed blend of sunflower and grapeseed oils. 2oz
    Blackberry thorn, Blackberry leaf, Medical gauze, Clear quartz, Amber, Lavender, Wintergreen 
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