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Unconditional Love Oracle Reading


Rose Quartz is the stone of Unconditional Love of self and others. It is the stone that aids in seeing yourself and loving yourself fully and unconditionally. Rose quartz sends healing to the heart chakra and nourishes the root giving you a sense of well being and sure footing in your inherent right to be in the world. In this offering, I will send you a video of available crystals and you will select the piece of Natural Rose Quartz that calls to you. Please note, some of them have tiny imperfections (Why do we believe that love is perfect?). All of them have a message around the healing you need to move forward in relationships in a positive way. Next, I open channel using the Rose Quartz and send a video Oracle reading with a specific message of what healing may be needed, or blocks need to be cleared, in order to navigate to your next level of love. Then the crystal (3”-5") is sent to you to provide the healing and support. You deserve the love you desire. Let's talk about how to get there!

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