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Smoke Cleansing Bundles

(Some cultures refer to them as “smudge” bundles)

Smoke and smoke cleansing are an important part of my spiritual practice. Smoke is extremely effective at cleansing the air and clearing and moving energy. White sage has become super popular for smoke cleansing, but you won’t find it alone on the site. White sage alone is like a spiritual antiseptic. It eliminates all energies in a space, positive and otherwise, and should always be followed with intention setting work so as not to create unwanted energy vacuums. Most of the time when I reach for sage, I’m not in the most “ascended” place, so these bundles eliminate the possibility of unwanted energy being left behind by pairing white sage with an additional herb to both clear the space and leave it infused with a desired intention or forgoing it altogether for other powerful herbs.

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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