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Protection Oil

Protection Oil

  • Intention: To cover with intense energetic protection and return unwanted energies to the sender.
  • Key spots on the body to anoint: heart chakra, tops of the feet, forearms to the top of the hands, top and back of the head.
  • Say: "I am divinely protected. No hurt, harm, danger, or unnecessary inconvenience can touch my physical or energetic body, the provision assigned to me, or the people, places, property or petitions I hold dear."
  • Potions are made to order with intuitively selected curio, crystals and essential/fragrance oil in a New Moon blessed blend of sunflower and grapeseed oils. 2oz
    Juniper, Wax of black spell candle,  Red knotted ribbon, Bone of owl’s prey, Lavender, Ginger, Tobacco 
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