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When you ask the Universe for freedom:

It's because your ego has curated a life for you in which you feel safe

Most likely because you have a belief that you must perform (and perform well) for love and acceptance

So you are overscheduled and burdened by all the things/people that give you opportunities to have job security and therefore love/acceptance security

But they don't know you're burdened and that you are literally calming your nervous system with dopamine hits of their external validation

So they don't acknowledge/appreciate you enough

So you find ways to perform more

Until you cant take it anymore and you cry out to the universe to feel free

And the Universe in it's infinite eagerness to come to your service looks at your life and goes, "hummmm. What can she experience that will make her change this pattern so she can feel the freedom she wants."




Yep! That will get her to make the decisions that will help her feel free!"

Then the ego says, "waaaaiiiiittttt! Go back to the familiar pattern where we know it is safe!"

And you have a choice. You ALWAYS have the final say

Will you stick with the dopamine addiction to being needed but feeling stifled, or will you make the series of incremental shifts needed (WITH the healthy conversations with the people around you) to bring about the manifestation that you REALLY want?

Y'all told me to create a Change Oracle closed coaching group...and THIS is the kind of #ChangingTogether we're going to do in there. 🖤🙏🏾

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