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I heard some Pastor's God isn't ok with him smoke cleansing. 🤔

Bummer. 🙃

Wonder what the wise men did with that frankincense?

What churches around the world will do with their Thuribles??

Wonder what churches will do now with the blood and body rituals???

Or maybe, just maybe, the earth is the Lord's and all of it's fullness...

And maybe, just maybe, God ain't skerred and may ask you to do all sorts of things like spit in dirt and rub it on your eyes as a show of your faith.

Can't we just imagine that he's bigger than the rules we create from our fear of losing his love?

That she cares more connection and communication than HOW you choose to connect.

That they don't care that I just changed the pronoun. 😏

Let's not be so EGOSpiritual. Get in a place where you get to know God and all the rules fall off. 🖤🙏🏾

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