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Intuition School

relearn the principles you knew and agreed to before coming to earth


Introducing: Intuition School

Intuition School is a self-led, self-paced learning environment where you will have FULL ACCESS to a growing library of courses, meditations, and Somatic healing tools. This program focuses on somatics and understanding the nervous system to learn how to better follow your intuition. For real.

Learn How to Free Yourself Using Your Most Powerful Gift: Your Intuition

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The right guidance can accelerate your journey

Intuition School is for those who are ready to follow their intuition. Maybe you’ve already tried to follow your intuition once or twice, but for some reason, you still feel stuck. You’ve put in the work, you’re dreaming about your life, and you can see the path that is meant for you, but you can’t quite get there.

As an intuitive or highly spiritual individual, you may notice that you tend to freeze and appease, meaning the opinions and decisions of others take priority over your own. This program teaches you how to take steps toward what you want and what you were put on earth to do, not what society wants.

Choose the Intuition School Level That’s Right For You

Tap Into Your Intuitive Gifts

“Intuition School has given me a framework that is simple, feels right and makes sense for my spiritual work. I had been searching for something that allowed me to explore this side of myself in a way that felt natural and I was struggling. I have gained mechanisms to cope with trauma from this course, I have gained access to pieces of myself that were locked away through this course and I’ve learned how to create a practice that serves me. I has allowed me to trust myself more and made me a less anxious person. 10/10 recommended!” - Jenna
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what you get access to when you join Intuition school

  • Monthly Somatic Healing Lesson/Tool. With this alone, you will learn how your body works, how your nervous system is wired, and how to recognize specific bodily responses. Additionally,  you will receive a new tool or practice each month to help you regulate these body responses you have identified. With these tools, you will enter a space where you have full agency and can assess and respond to your life in a way that benefits you. 

  • Somatic Sunday Healing. One Sunday each month, we will have a Zoom call where I will sit as the somatic healer. You are free to join live or replay the call as many times as you wish, and I will lead you through a somatic practice covering various topics. This gives you the freedom to identify what aspects of your life you want to focus on or energies you wish to clear out - it’s almost like having a one-on-one session with a somatic healer. Doing this in a self-paced way allows you to enter the practice at a time that feels right for you. 

  • Daily Energy Clearing/Candle Burning. Every day we’ll hold a candle burning ritual to help clear our energy and strengthen our relationship with our intuitive natures.

  • Private Online Community. You will be sharing this space with a community of co-regulating, intuition-following individuals just like yourself. You can post videos, view other people's videos, create meaningful conversations, and receive insight from me. This gives you a safe space to share your thoughts and feelings and genuinely feel seen. 

  • Exclusive Teaching and Early Replay Access to Public Teaching. You will have access to my growing library of courses which you can reference whenever you need. This includes my Chakra Course, Clair Communications Gift Course, meditations, and so much more. You will also have the ability to replay live recordings of my Instagram teachings, a feature that is exclusive to this group only!

“Crystal's teachings are next level. Whether you're just starting on this journey or have been "on the path" for longer, you will get something of value. She has such a succinct way of helping you fall in love with your own divinity and humanity at the same time. Helping you remember how incredibly powerful you are and the responsibility that comes with that power. If you feel the pull to try Intuition School, you won't be disappointed.” -Jess
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Hi, I'm Crystal

While I always knew that I was wise or gifted somehow, my nervous system used to be dysregulated, preventing me from harnessing my powers. I was diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder and had depression and high-functioning anxiety. One day a coach told me that I needed somatic healing. Hearing this didn’t immediately click because I wasn’t ready to hear it or heal, but something entered my subconscious. Fast-forward to today, and I’m a certified somatic healer!


During my first round of Oracle U, I taught about topics like neuroception, electromagnetism of the body, and the mechanics of what makes you a powerful creator. Upon teaching this, I noticed that many of my students who were trying to follow their intuition still felt stuck. In trying to understand why they felt this way, I realized that so many of their experiences were engrained deeply into their bodies, preventing them from feeling safe to move forward. In my search to find the answers for my Oracle U students, I found my Somatic Healing certification.


Now I can integrate my past learnings from Oracle U with my teachings in somatic healing to create Intuition School. Not only can we identify these internal traumas, but now I can help you release them so that you can truly lean into your journey as an intuitive!

“Neuroscience supports the woo woo (lol)! I love how you bridge the gap between science and faith by learning from my own body. It knows before I know. I love that!” -Melissa
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Are you ready to follow your path as an intuitive?

Click here to choose the membership plan that works best for your journey, and get back to feeling like your most authentic self.

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